Off topic, but.

A bit of topic but bear with me. It is the weekend.
Very rarely do I need to dress formally, but I had to for a meeting with a local business.
In my meeting, I met with a few executives at a mill.
Expensive suits, but one thing bothered me a bit.
Out of the three, one was wearing an Apple watch, while the other two would check their phones for the time.
It was a relatively long meeting.
I know in todays world a decent watch is not essential, as you can just check your phone, which on many occasions leads to someone checking more than time.
Am I alone in thinking a decent watch goes a long way in business and in general? It adds an air of professionalism? 
I was reading a book called “Snap” on my last flight, which explains the power of first impressions, and how they are generally very difficult to change or reverse. Highly recomended.
I personally feel that I am not dressed without a watch, whether working or sitting at home.  

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