Value addition, people! 

I have had a few suppliers ask me about the concept of value addition.
This is especially the case in countries like China, where costs are increasing, and buyers are leaving.
I have given them a number of ways to add value.
One important one is , take responsibility! 
If you are supposed to submit a strike off, for example, on a specific day, and you miss the deadline, take resposibility and try to correct somehow.
I always get the same story. “The printer is too busy, so the printing is late”. “The mill is running late” etc”.
This is vendor blaming.  
Using my example above, the printer might well be running late, but simply telling the customer this, reduces value. If a factory chooses a printer, that printer is their responsibly to manage. Not the buyers.
Make up for it somehow. Offer to express courier courier the strike off to the buyer, or get creative.
This is an example of value addition. There are many, many more.
Feel free to add.


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