See it for yourself! 

Never trust what you see in an apparel factory’s showroom.
See what they are actually making on their line, or what is in finishing, final inspection, or packed in the warehouse. Open a few boxes if neccesary.
On quite a few occasions I have found items in showrooms that were definitely on made by that particular factory. 
In one case a merchandiser from a factory I did business with, opened his own factory, and invited me to visit.
When I commented that he had a lot of garments in his showroom, considering the factory only opened a week before, he admitted with a smile, that the vast majority were store bought. He just needed items to fill his showroom for buyers.
I even once found a sample I sent to a factory to cost, but they never actually produced, at their booth at the Canton fair! 

I am sure many of you have similar stories? 

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