Something often overlooked in clothing design.

I was thinking about things to write about, things that are often overlooked in design and manufacturing, but can have a major repercussion if not taken into account.

One of these is stitches per inches or SPI, which I have done some looking into, and so should you.

A common standard is often around 9-11 SPI, regardless of garment, fabric and construction.

The correct SPI can not only have a practical implication, but if used correctly can have a big influence on quality, and aesthetics.

Examples include;

Denim, where the SPI should be between 7 and 9. Fewer SPI, give a great contrast effect.

Twill garments, where an SPI of 8-10, will minimize grinning.

Formal shirts, where an SPI of 14-20, allows the use of smaller diameter threads, which reduce puckering.

Blindstitching, should be around 3-5 SPI. This minimizes dimpling effect.

These are just some issues regarding woven items. I will give some insight into knit items in my next post, but do some research. I will be.

Till next time.

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